Friday, October 26, 2007

Wal-Mart Sucks ... We don't call it Fascist-Mart for nothing

Re: 10/25/07 Two Oceanside, CA Stores

Ok, so our first mistake was going to Wal-Mart. Our second, was going to TWO in one evening !

Wal-Mart #1, on Jefferson & Vista Way in Oceanside, had children running amuck, store-wide!

In the end we requested a some sort of had on NO ID /name tag. Asked that they make an announcement in English and in Spanish - requesting that customers KEEP THEIR CHILDREN WITH THEM while shopping (at all times)... one wasn't 'even sure if they could do that' ?! So, who knows if they did or didn't, after we left.

  • We saw big kids (10-12) running at full speed -- for a long period of time - playing 'chase' or tag or ? through large areas of the store.

  • A small child, maybe 2, with his little face pushed up against the glass of the INSIDE of a REFRIGERATED CASE (safe and hygenic!).

  • A child of about 3 years old.... 'shopping', playing with toys in a toy aisle...alone !

This isn't safe for the children or their customers. Is it the Store's fault that their customers have NO REGARD for the safety of their own children, or others' ? Partially. They need to be vigilent to make announcements, and or 'patrol' if necessary, to keep their customers safe. And shopping experience somewhat pleasant. As horrible as it is, anyway.

At Fascist-Mart #2... Marron Road, Oceanside, CA

We attempted to spend more money - give more money to this corporate giant (in some towns a monopoly)... And "Kari" (we think that was her name?) at the customer service desk was RUDE. When we told her she was rude, she had NO IDEA she was rude. AND THEN when we called her on it... told us WE WERE BEING RUDE.

It's always a good idea (!??!), to tell your customers, who are about to add to your store's revenue, that THEY'RE being rude ?! Great job, Kari!?

We brought an exchange and purchase to the 'customer service' (yeah right) desk... we told Kari that we had to go to the car, to get the exchange item and receipt (just purchased at Wally #1 a few mins earlier, see above) -- she clapped her hands and in a tut-tut fashion... told us to hurry because they (customer service) was closing. OH, how high can I jump for you ? How fast can I run for you ? to have the privelege of spending and additional $30 at your awful store... and thus give you a chance at a paycheck ?

Just a couple of more reasons why Wal-Mart Sucks !

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