Sunday, October 14, 2007

Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize - Kudos from

Kudos for AL GORE for winning the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE THIS WEEK!

When one door closes (his Presidential race in 2000), another one opens... his opportunity to enlighten the world about the significant affects of climate change.

Now if we could only turn OUR nation around, from an oil $ hungry and oil $ driven economy to an enviornmentally concious one !

Hybrid cars should NOT cost MORE than their gas guzzling counterparts. We should receive a BREAK $ for purchasing, owning and driving one!

Alternative fuel options should receive more $ for R&D and be put into practical use.

Solar panels and other alternate energy options, such as wind turbines, should become the norm, and and affordable option for all.

The sun, the wind, hydropower... it's all there...waiting to be harnessed and used as power sources.

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