Thursday, August 21, 2008

LEUCADIA - Art Walk Sunday Aug 31 2008 - Art Show - COME AND SEE US

We hope to see you there ! We'll be in SPACE #5 in the Road - Hwy 101 & Leucadia Blvd (next to roadside park, NOT in the grassy area).

LOOK for the Lume di Luna Banner - We're sharing a booth w/ Artist/Friend Kimberly of Lume di Luna Designs...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shame on Dr Christine Brody and Dr Douglas Fenton of North Coast Women's Care

Shame on Dr. Fenton & Dr. Brody...of North Coast Women's Care... this has been (past-tense) our ObGyn Practice for 13 years ! BUT NO MORE !

Dr. Fenton delivered our second child, and Dr. Brody was also present during the labor.


They probably (unknowingly) assist plenty of 'unfit' (straight) parents...who may be 'married'... and have the pay them. Being 'straight' (and married) is not the only criteria for a GOOD & LOVING parent.

These doctors should use their 'beliefs' and efforts / energies, instead to curtail:

1. unwanted pregnancies (and children), and
2. unfit parents

Please see:

Love is all you need...

LeucadiART Walk - We Hope to See You There Aug 31st 2008 10 -5 pm

If you’re in the (San Diego County) area (or know someone who is)…JOIN US…at the 4th Annual LeucadiaART Walk !

Shop from us in person, at this fun & art-filled event!

Please MARK your calendars….

When: Sunday, Aug. 31st 10 - 5 pm

Where: Leucadia Blvd & Hwy 101 (we’ll be next to the Leucadia Roadside Park) - Leucadia /Encinitas, CA

To find us…Look for the “Lume di Luna Designs” Banner. be sharing the booth with Lume di Luna Designs. Kimberly (a.k.a. Lume di Luna Designs), is my uber-talented (and prize winning) artist-friend…to see some examples of her INCREDIBLE and varied talents, please visit her site at:

We’ll be in Space #5 “roadside location”, the road we’re on will be closed (but we’re not in Space #5 in the Park/grassy area).

For further information please visit: and/or

Or contact us:


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Got Cache Pls click REFRESH each time you visit

Got Cache?

How much ‘cache’ do you have on ya ? No…not that kind of cash…but thanks to the wonders of technology… that pesky ‘cache’ might have you viewing an OLD version of our site. An old version, might mean that you’re seeing (and trying to order) items which are no longer available or have SOLD OUT (and we HATE to disappoint!) ;-)

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sales and Specials - August - Mid-Summer 2008 E-zine

* SALES & Specials * ! AUGUST / Mid-Summer 2008 E-Zine
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A Peaceful and Fun Place to Shop ! E-zine
Our 1st anniversary!

We’re Still Celebrating ! See What’s New !
AUGUST 2008 Mid-summer Edition
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