Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LeucadiART Walk - We Hope to See You There Aug 31st 2008 10 -5 pm

If you’re in the (San Diego County) area (or know someone who is)…JOIN US…at the 4th Annual LeucadiaART Walk !

Shop from us in person, at this fun & art-filled event!

Please MARK your calendars….

When: Sunday, Aug. 31st 10 - 5 pm

Where: Leucadia Blvd & Hwy 101 (we’ll be next to the Leucadia Roadside Park) - Leucadia /Encinitas, CA

To find us…Look for the “Lume di Luna Designs” Banner. be sharing the booth with Lume di Luna Designs. Kimberly (a.k.a. Lume di Luna Designs), is my uber-talented (and prize winning) artist-friend…to see some examples of her INCREDIBLE and varied talents, please visit her site at: http://www.lumediluna.com/

We’ll be in Space #5 “roadside location”, the road we’re on will be closed (but we’re not in Space #5 in the Park/grassy area).

For further information please visit: http://www.leucadia101.com/Art%20walk%20information.htm and/or http://www.leucadia101.com/ArtWalk.htm

Or contact us: Sales@PeaceLoveAndShopping.com


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