Friday, May 15, 2009

JIM GIBSON of the Vista Unified School Board (VUSD) has GOT to FINALLY go! Nationwide Embarrassment, thanks to Gibson.

Jim Gibson, VUSD School Board Member - Make him go away - before he causes additional NATIONWIDE EMBARRASSMENT!

We'd been following this story on our local newspaper's website (North County Times online edition). But, were surprised that it had received nationwide coverage (thanks to friend, Cora, for sending us the TMZ link below).

ONCE AGAIN a VUSD (Vista Unified School District) School Board Member (and former Board President), draws EMBARRASSING NATIONWIDE attention, to our School District and Community.

In this case, it's JIM GIBSON, who previously also wanted the Board to SUPPORT (CA) Prop 8, like that had anything to do w/ the BUSINESS of the School Board.

Can we get Jim a dunce cap, and sit him in the corner (for the balance of his term)... please ? And since he's an ongoing BOOB...let's also get him some breast implants, ala Carrie Prejean !

When I spoke a couple of months back at a VUSD Board Meeting, I specifically welcomed the two NEW (fresh?) Board Members...and made mention that HOPEFULLY our 'new' Board would make the RIGHT decisions, so we could AVOID (curtail) NATIONWIDE HUMILIATION... as has occurred thanks to the previous Board Members - for the past 12-15+ yrs.

WE almost got rid of him, during the last election. He was running for a City of Oceanside Council Seat...but alas he LOST (they didn't want him either)...and we were STUCK with him, on our School Board.

TMZ Link "'Carrie Prejean Day' Gets the Ax" :

It's our kids' education, and their futures which are at stake. It's important! Too important for the School District's decisions to be left to an IDIOT who doesn't represent the sane (and educated).

Friday, May 1, 2009

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