Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR JANUARY 2009 E-Zine - What’s New and What’s on SALE

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! JANUARY 2009 E-Zine-What’s New & What’s on SALE!

Our 1st anniversary!
A Peaceful and Fun Place to Shop ! E-zine
Happy New Year!
January 2009 New Year’s Edition
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Positivism As We Cross the Threshold into a New Year.

I’ve always loved the humorous saying, “When life hands you lemons, smile politely…and give them back – when life isn’t looking”.
People have asked me, “Are you always so happy?”; or told me, “You’re never a bitch” (why thank you, I think?!).
Levity, that’s the answer. My answer. For me, it’s instinctual, the way I carry myself through my day. A little humor goes a long way. A lot of humor goes even further. Finding the humor in life, as we go throughout our day…makes the journey easier (and more fun!).
Life is a roller coaster, it’s true. Wouldn’t it be boring if everything went smoothly? When we get hung up by our own stressors…we must be mindful not to indulge in a ‘pitty party’. Stop, and realize that everyone around us has their own ‘crosses to bear’, in the ‘stress department’, we are not alone. Does that make it any easier for us? No, but we persevere though our own ‘challenges’ and can both gain and give strength and comfort to those close to us, as they tackle their own ‘challenges’.
Sometimes I look around, in a crowd, in a store or in a car -- and am struck by the grumpy faces looking back at me. It’s sad really. Smiling, happiness and joy isn’t that much (extra) work. And it beats rolling around in a swamp of funk (that stinks!).
Realist. Yes, optimists and pessimists are but extremes…the shades of gray in between are forms of realism. I ‘get’ being a realist. But, you can’t let all of the world’s problems, big and small, take you down. You can only do so much, as one person. Yes, empathy is the right thing to have. But understand that many of the world’s problems are simply beyond your control, and let go. Let go of the stress, and anguish you’re feeling. Know too, that things will get better.
These are indeed challenging times, in which we live…but, I’m up for the challenge…let’s be challenged together!
And of course, looking at the big picture…you reap what you sow. The goodness and positivism that you contribute to your world, will come back to you in spades.
Don’t forget to breathe! Happy New Year!

P.S. Smiling helps a bit, laughing helps a lot!

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