Saturday, April 7, 2007

Peace Love and Pasta ?!

So, there's a YUIMMY Pasta dish called Pollo or Chicken Limone. I enjoy it over (ala) a 'bed' of linguine. That way the same yummy sauce is on the chicken AND the pasta too.

A good one (in addition to the basic yummy ingredients) includes white wine, lemon juice, mushrooms, olives, capers, oh...and I always 'add' artichoke hearts !

Jay's Gourmet in Carlsbad, CA and Encinitas, CA make a DELICIOUS Chicken Limone w/ artichoke hearts -- I highly recommend it.

I just tried the version at OGGI'S pizza & pasta (many locations), this one was Vista, CA. It was surprisingly excellent ! Comparable to Jay's Gourmet, give or take.

Yesterday I tried the Pollo Limone at Cafe Italia, in Palm Springs, CA ... it was BEYOND bad. At $16.95 a royal rip-off. It was chicken w/ some cheese baked too it (no mushrooms, no capers, no flavor, no sauce) ... on a pile of sauce-less (plain) spaghetti. That's it ! It went in the trash.

Bon appetite !

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