Sunday, April 15, 2007

Avril Lavigne g'd bless her for trying... and come on Gwen !

Saw Avril Lavigne on SNL (Saturday Night Live) perform her latest single "Girlfriend" (album releases tuesday).... and g'd help her... she was HORRIBLE
.... she made Ashley Simpson's (infamous) performance (on SNL), seem...well... not quite so bad !

She's married now, of course... older, more mature than we she made it big at 17... but boy (or should i say sk8r boi) did she go downhill !

Her single is high on the billboard charts... perhaps a younger, less refined ear can appreciate her 'maturity'.... but i say, bring back the 17 yr old Avril !!! She looked and sounded more like 14...than early 20's.

And on the subject of dumb-ing down pop music.... the latest by Gwen Stefani... is beyond idiotic too... I commend her Madonna-esq image changes, the Japanese dancers, etc... but compared to her prev. solo albumn and OF course her time as lead of No Doubt... this latest (title track) "Sweet Escape" is MORNONIC (winning lyrics ?! I don't think so) ! (sorry Gwen)

New NIN releases this week -- YEAH !

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