Monday, October 19, 2009

New HOT Moroccan Hamsa Judaica Imports from

What is a Hamsa? It's an inter-faith symbol...significant to both the Jewish & Islamic Faiths

NEW Imported from Morrocco !

NEW Sterling Enamel Moroccan Hamsa (shown above) - Sterling Silver Pendant. Incredible 3-dimensional silver and colorful enamel detail. Note the symbolic circle / spiral of life, is also featured on this dramatic and substantial pendant. Imported from Morocco – this is a very special piece. Only 1 Available. STUNNING IN PERSON!

NEW to Old Moroccan 100 Francs Coin Earrings (shown above) – a fusion of cultures. The 5 pointed star of the Moroccan Flag, combined with the (6 pointed) Jewish Star-of-David. We think these earrings are TOO COOL! Generous sterling silver ear wire and details. They measure approximately 1 ½” from top of ear wires, to bottom of coin.
SO UNUSUAL ! Only 1 Pair Available.

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