Monday, September 14, 2009

A Great Way to Save Money - Combine n' share Governors!

So, I was thinking today of a great way to save money.

Combine n' share Governors.

Do the Carolinas really need a Governer EACH?

Out west, we just refer to them as 'The Carolinas'...we don't know the difference between North and South. Same for the Dakotas. North & South, they too could share. How many people (constituents) could their be up there in the Dakotas, combined - anyway? Like, maybe 200? Also, the Virginias -- they don't need a Governor each either -- I mean, "West" Virginia doesn't need it's only 'place'?! It's like, do we have a Governor for East California?

Double-up some of those same-name states, and SAVE A BUNDLE on pay'n for extra Governors!

More money saving ideas...are in the pipeline, I'm sure...

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