Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PC Addicted? Tech Queen Computer Goddess Necklace - Control Key Shift and Back Space

PC Addicted? Then this is the conversation piece for you !

NEW ! You won't find this ONE-OF-A-KIND fun necklace ANYWHERE else!

For the Tech Queen, Computer Goddess or Office "Go-to" Gal in your life (maybe that's you?!)! "Control Key", "Shift Key" and "Back Space" all hang beautifully with beads of genuine ONYX, (non-magnetic, PC/Monitor safe) HEMATITE, SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN and amber-colored glass. Finished off, by a modern square-shaped toggle closure. The 'basic' black, gray and amber coloring...allow you to wear this necklace with ANYTHING! Dress it up, or down. It measures appx 22 1/2" long from end to end, wears slightly shorter, due to toggle closure. Handcrafted in our Studio.

Mother's Day, and Graduations are around the corner...don't forget Birthdays and Anniversaries !

It IS One-of-a-Kind...so DON'T miss out!

1 comment:

liz juwelen said...

hey, i'm the Tech Queen Computer Goddess - spends most of my waking hour in front of the pc (that's about 18 hours a day)! So do i deserve this lovely necklace?