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VUSD Board Meeting 2/26/09 - Casita Center Magnet School in DANGER


San Diego Union - North County Editor (also spoke with this Editor); North County Times; NBC SAN DIEGO NEWS; NEWS 8 - CBS SAN DIEGO; 10 NEWS - ABC SAN DIEGO; AND KUSI NEWS (TV). Also left message for "Turko' of the "Turko Files".

RE: VUSD Board Meeting 2/26 – Hope You Can Attend – To Cover This Story!

Dear :

It would appear as though the VUSD Board, is trying to pull another ‘fast one’. Intentionally keeping this potentially HORRIFIC NEWS on the ‘down low’. As parents, the news has only begun to spread, today!

At tomorrow’s VUSD Board Meeting (Thursday, 2/26 7:30 p.m., at Foothill-Oak Elementary, Vista), Agenda Item #12 C, is a purposely ambiguous agenda item.

It states simply (and vaguely):

Approve Resolution #09-51 to Reduce and Eliminate Certain Certificated Programs and Services for the 2009-2010 School Year [68 ]

What it doesn’t specifically say are their intentions to ELIMINATE THE MAGNET SCHOOL PROGRAM from both Casita Center for Math Science & Technology; and VAPA, the magnet school for the Visual and Performing Arts. Eliminate these INCREDIBLE programs, by laying off ALL OF THE LAB TEACHERS, for the next school year (‘09-’10). The Magnet schools would cease to exist as such.

These TERRIFIC lab programs, grow enthusiasm from their Students. The kids look FORWARD to ‘lab day’, each week. It is their FAVORITE, by far. The lab teachers make learning about science, math and technology SO FUN…that the kids don’t even realize, they’re learning!

This is a shocking misstep on behalf of the Board. We hope you are able to cover the story, so that the Board’s ‘misdoings’ will be transparent to Parents, Students and the public.

Thank you very much.

Jackie Ferguson
H.) 760-758-2669 Cell) 760-453-4100
Parent of 2 VUSD Students, 1 current Casita Center Student, and 1 ‘Alumni’ of Casita.

More Info:

Casita Magnet School for Technology, Science and Math
Principal, Laura Smith
260 Cedar Rd Vista, CA 92084Phone: 760-724-8442

Thursday 2/26/09 – 7:30 p.m.
Vista Unified School District Board Meeting Location:
Foothill-Oak Elementary
Multipurpose Building
1370 Oak Drive
Vista, Ca 92084
Phone: (760) 726-2170 x2219

Web Site:

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S.C.H.E.D.U.L.E.M.A.S.T.E.R.S.™ said...

This is TERRIBLE! I have sent this post to my personal media contact list (about 150 individuals) in the San Diego / San Diego County Area...I hope this does not happen!