Sunday, April 6, 2008

DUMP the Vista Unified School District Board

DUMP THE (Vista Unified School District) BOARD.

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I attended and spoke at Thurs night's meeting (4/3/08) of the Vista Unified School District Board. Overall, it was DISGUSTING.

Comments made toward the end of the meeting by Board Members LILLY & HUBBARD, were downright belligerent.

There is a great AND UNACCEPTABLE divide, between what the Parents, Teachers and Administrators are asking for - and DESERVE -- for the sake of our kids... and what this lousy Board is doing (or not doing, as the case may be).

How could they not know from the onset of the Dual Magnet HS Project - that construction costs ARE ALWAYS HIGHER than projected (usu 2x)? Why did they not PAD the budget for the project accordingly - and for unforeseen (yet, to be expected) Environmental Impact and CalTrans type expenses?

WHAT HAPPENED to the dual Magnet H.S. opening this August ('08) ? Idiots ???
Instead they're going to have the "LET'S PRETEND" plan... sort of like having an Imaginary Friend..."you save my spot", okay - and SOMEDAY, maybe (???) we'll open the new H.S.
Will the new (Dual Magnet H.S.) Staff (Principal and Teachers) have to play along w/ this charade -- playing dress-up?

THE VUSD Board should stand in the endless bathroom lines at the High SCHOOLS., and try 'holding it' all day - like they expect VUSD students to do EVERY DAY. Or better yet -- they should try using the Restrooms at Madison (one of our newest schools!?). Where we heard testimony last night from the District's Plumber - that among other things - restrooms have (a lovely cycle of) SEWAGE GASSES being emitted, and flowing up thru the ventilation above.
With VMMS (Vista Magnet Middle)...HELLO BOARD (anyone home?)..."If it ain't broke...don't fix it"... A new school with a TREMENDOUS program - of MOTIVATED students - who are THRIVING.

The BOARD is trying EVERYTHING to thwart their efforts and successes... and then to ADD INSULT TO INJURY the board get's NASTY about it... with "The Sky is Falling" remarks...and noting that the school could house all kinds of other TRANSIENTS... let's not stop w/ The City of Vista's Engineering Dept... let's ADD to the prison-like setting by ADDING MORE FENCING (Do the Board Members have ties or investments with fencing companies, one wonders???).... to cage up, and sub-divide the campus even-more. Instead, of allowing a SUCCESSFUL NEW PROGRAM TO BLOSSOM AND PROGRESS as was originally planned.

We also STRONGLY support the ORIGINAL plan (they're already trying to ruin a good thing - even before it's off the ground) of the 4x4 schedule for Mission Vista Dual Magnet H.S., should it ever open ?!

The follies of Vista's failures are never-ending, UNACCEPTABLE and downright embarrassing.


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Anonymous said...

Right On!!! Go to the website and check out upcoming Budget meetings.

Many folks agree with you for many reasons. They just keep making that mess bigger.
They seem to have lots of money for Admin. salaries and Linda Mood Bell but nothing for the average and above avergage child. They've even added the Computer Lab at the Technology Magnet to their cuts.