Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why Peace Love And Shopping.... a rant ?

Instant gratification isn't fast enough ! (quote of the day)

The few, the proud...the SANE

Why Peace Love And Shopping ? Because its a few of my favorite things ! Ok, don't break out into a Sound of Music chorus....

With the seriousness of War... and nutty Bush sending THOUSANDS more innocent young americans directly into harms way... we need a respit from the nutiness of our politicians.... some levity.... (thus the peaceloveandSHOPPING)

Peace Signs are my 'religious symbol'.... hope you join my 'religion' ... but, peace signs sometimes aren't enough.... that's where SHOPPING comes in ! retail can be less (or more) than actual psycho-therapy.... and you can always reverse-shop (return items)... hard to reverse-psycho-therapy ! sounds painful ! ;-)

Peace signs are good... they show, when we wear them, or display them... that we are the few...the sane.... the American who is shameful in the world's eye -- because of our corrupt leader(S).

We're brainwashed into thinking that the right way is the American Way...that's why we must go and invade other they can carry on, using the American model. But, what a sham ! Our corruption is merely more sophisticated... and stealth... Money talks... and rules our nation, JUST like the third-world nations we scorn and criticize.

In the 70's, on a field trip (as a kid!) I toured a hippie, earth-concious house.... which utilized solar energy, hydro-ponics, you name it ! What happened ! Those technologies could be popularized... but not when the BUSH's and other oil-grubby multi-millionaires control the spending of research, environmental protection, and the AUTO MAKERS.

Hybrids cost more, $10K or more than the same model that uses unleaded gas. Why ? I think you know ! Solar energy for our homes..... just not cost efficient.... VERY expensive to install.... why ? I think you know !

Wear and display your peace signs with PRIDE.... the few, the proud, the SANE.

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